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Welcome to EKB Designs legal web design and graphics. At EKB Designs, we provide inexpensive web development services that are sure to enhance your law firm.

EKB Designs will help you plan your web site, whether it’s for a small business just getting started or a larger business that wants to harness the power of the internet. We offer graphic design for your website as well as design of business cards, letterheads and more.


I have an A.S. in Multimedia/Web Authoring and am proficient in:

Logo and graphic design

I currently design and develop websites for clients via The Waterbury Republican-American, and I am a partner of OSC, a website and print design firm. I update and maintain current OSC clients’ websites, as well as develop new websites for new clients.

My personal project, Freaking Bookworm, involves WordPress design and development.

I have also designed and developed WordPress websites for Letters of Love and Scars Can Speak. For both websites, I used HTML and CSS to design the front-end, and worked with WordPress template tags and PHP to adjust and develop the back-end.

Feel free to browse through our portfolio and take a look at projects we’ve taken on. CallĀ 585-437-4095 today for a free consultation!

Be sure to check out our portfolio.

If you would like legal assistance, contact Pintar Albiston Attorneys who will be able to assist with any business law, real estate or family law issues. They have the experience to provide great legal advice to both individuals and businesses.